GroupVitals System Status

If there are any major issues with our system, we'll post them here 👍

Everything is all good

Past Status Updates

🏁 Attendance Issue

Update 2/20/19 @ 8:20 AM CT
Attendance is now sending out normally. We've added some internal tracking to know timestamp exactly when each attendance reminder was sent out for each group. We're also going to setup a couple more instances throughout the day where we'll double check that everyone who was supposed to receive the attendance reminder, in fact, received it. If not, it will try re-sending again. Sometimes our email provider (MailChimp's Mandrill) gives us an error when sending out emails and it will stop sending all in that batch after it gets that error, preventing emails from going on. So by adding a few more checks throughout the day, we'll be able to help ensure that emails that didn't get sent before will get sent.

2/19/10 @ 10:00 AM CT 
There's a small percentage of groups that aren't getting their attendance notifications. We're digging in to see why that is.

🏁 Notifications Issue

Update 11/5/18 @ 1:35 PM CT
We got it! We discovered that there was just one affected email notification setting that wasn't working properly. It was the "attendance has been taken" email notification. If you had this notification OFF before our update last week, it was actually being sent out. This primarily affected account admins/staff. If someone was a group leader or member and receiving these notifications, it's because they are also a staff/admin on the account. We've fixed the bug and anyone who had the "attendance has been taken" notification toggled to OFF will no longer receive these notification emails with our fix. We're so sorry for flooding some inboxes with these notifications over the weekend.

Lastly, we fixed the issue with the My Notifications page not saving changes. So you're welcome to head over there and double check your notifications to be sure everything is set the way you currently want it.

Update 11/5/18 @ 11:50 AM CT
We've received reports that email notifications that were toggled to OFF are being sent out and saving some notification settings isn't working. We're currently working on getting this fixed asap.

🏁 Attendance Issue

Update 10/22/18 @ 4:00 PM CT
We found and fixed a bug with our attendance processing. Most groups attendance was submitted that was taken while the bug was in place. However, some groups may have not had their attendance saved/processed. They'll have another chance to do that tomorrow when our attendance not taken yet notices go out.

Update 10/22/18 @ 3:30 PM CT
We've received some reports that attendance isn't saving for some groups. We're currently looking into this.

🏁 Slow Performance

Update 10/5/18 @ 7:30 AM CT
We're back and faster than ever 🔥By now, you should be noticing how fast everything is. We've moved over to Google's Cloud Platform, which has sped things up considerably and now we have unlimited resources to grow and expand because of Google's excellent technology and infrastructure. Thanks again for your patience this week. If there are any issues you run into, please don't hesitate to  contact us.

Update 10/4/18 @ 10:25 AM CT
We're about 85% ready for moving everything to Google Cloud. We're doing lots of testing to ensure everything is fast and functional. If everything goes as planned, we'll switch GroupVitals over to Google tomorrow morning.

Update 10/3/18 @ 10:55 AM CT
We're making progress with moving everything to Google Cloud 👍We've got the basic application up and running and now we're just fine tuning things. I personally just tested it and everything is fast.. faster than it was before 🎉We've run into a snag with our F1 API that we are trying to fix at the same time as getting everything moved over to Google. If we don't make the move Thursday morning, we'll shoot for Friday morning. Thanks again for your patience!

Update - 10/2/18 @ 1:30 PM CT
We're still on track to move the entire GroupVitals application to Google Cloud this week. The goal is to move it early Thursday morning. Thanks again for your patience with the slower system this week 

Update - 10/1/18 @ 11 AM CT
In order to solve the slowness of the system, we'll be continuing ahead with our plan to move the application to Google's cloud platform. We planned to do within the next few weeks, but we're going to make the move this week. Getting both the database and the application hosted with Google in the same environment will increase the speed and allow us to expand our resources as needed. Thanks for your patience and we'll keep you updated on this page!

Update - 9/28/18 @ 8 AM CT
We've moved our database to Google Cloud early this morning. We're noticing a slower performance in loading pages and saving changes and we're currently working on improving that. We'll update this page when we've got things loading faster.

🏁 Database Move

Update - 9/29/18 @ 8:00 AM CT
The database has been successfully moved over to Google Cloud 🙌

Update - 9/28/18 @ 12:00 AM CT 
We've started the process of moving our database from a private server to Google Cloud in order for us to better support future growth and better performance. This is the first phase of moving our entire system to Google's Cloud over the next month.