CCB: Syncing People

Updates to a person's profile information that syncs with GV can only be made in CCB. For data integrity reasons, we've removed the ability to edit or add profile information within GV. However, we link directly to a person's profile on CCB from their GV profile. You'll see that link on the left sidebar of their GV profile page. This will make it quick and easy for an admin to update someone's personal information.

Updates made to a person in CCB will be sent to GV during the next nightly sync.

There is some information you can update about a person that's only relevant to GV, so that information doesn't sync to CCB. This includes their GroupFinder profile, leadership roles, and custom tags.

Here's the CCB people profile fields we current sync with GV:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Email
  • Cell #
  • Home #
  • DOB
  • Home Address
  • Campus
  • CCB Membership Type
  • Marital Status
  • Family Household
    • Role
    • Children
    • Spouse

We sync all active profile statuses, membership types and pending people.

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