CCB: Syncing Groups

We sync group data back and forth between GV and CCB. So whether you create or update a group in one system, it will sync to the other system.

Any changes made to a group or new groups in GV are updated in CCB within 2-10 minutes.

Any changes made to a group or new groups in CCB are updated in GV during the nightly sync process that happens around midnight.

All groups created in GV must have a leader (who's not a Limited Access User in CCB) assigned to them in order for them to sync with CCB. This is a requirement by CCB that we cannot control. If a leader you're trying to add is a Limited Access User, we'll let you know at that time.

Here are the CCB group fields we sync with GV:

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • CCB Group Type
  • Group Campus
  • Group Leader
  • Group Participants / Members
    • Group Apprentice Leader (syncs as a leader)
    • Group Guest (syncs as a participant
    • Group Admin (syncs as a participant)
  • Group Attendance (as a CCB group event - we current only send attendance events to CCB, we don't read attendance events yet)

Here's what we plan on syncing in the near future:

  • Life stage
  • Area of town
  • Group photo
  • Child care
  • Membership Type (open/closed)
  • Public Search (Show in the GroupFinder)
  • Group participant limit
  • Group Status (Inactive setting in CCB) 
  • Country
    Known bug with CCB. We reported it to them and waiting for them to fix it.
  • Attendance Events (We current send attendance from GV to CCB though!)

Here is what we do not sync with CCB:
(we don't plan on syncing these things unless we see a high demand)

  • Group Calendar Events (We will only send their GV attendance data to CCB and it will show up as a one-time calendar event for them)
  • Ministry Focus Setting
  • Listed Setting
  • Department Setting
  • Group Leader Privileges
  • Group Member Privileges
  • Group Participant Communication Defaults
  • Group Meeting Day (We only sync group attendance meeting day)
  • Group Meeting Time (We only sync group attendance meeting time)

If a group is archived in GV, then it will be assigned the CCB Group Type you selected in the CCB add-on settings.

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