Customize the wording of my survey email

Getting the survey to be sent using your own language is easy. Here are a few simple ways to get started.

#1 - Go to the Health Survey Settings area

First, access your Health Survey Settings menu from the settings page by clicking the menu icon. 

#2 - Customize the Initial Email 

In the "Customize Survey Email" section, you're able to select which of your admin/staff the email comes from, customize the email subject line, and create a personal message that will be seen above the survey itself.  

Tip: Make sure to use the "First Name" and "Group Name" button to provide extra personalization and context to your survey recipient so they know exactly what group they're answering the survey for.

Curious how it's all going to look? Use the "Preview Email" button to send a sample survey to whomever you'd like.

#3 - Customize the Confirmation Messages and Add an Optional Question 

In the "Customize Survey Messages" section, in the field titled "Initial Response Thank You Message," you're able to customize the confirmation request language group members will see after they've submitted their first question response.  

Additionally, if you have another, open-ended question that would be helpful to the learning process for your ministry, you can add that here. 

Then, customize the language your group members will see when they've submitted their final responses by adding your personal text to the "Final thank you message" field.

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