Features & Enhancements

Here are all the little and big things we're doing to make GroupVitals even better  πŸ‘

November 2019 πŸ¦ƒ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We improved notification options for senior coaches! They're now notified when: attendance is taken, a note was left on a group's meeting, a group's status was updated (either made active or inactive) or a group is archived within their span of care.

We streamlined things in our system so that when a leader is removed from a group or their role is updated to member (or admin or guest) their leader role is automatically made inactive.

If none of your groups offer childcare, we've removed the childcare filter on the GroupFinder page to best reflect your groups' offerings and align expectation for prospective members. We've also added a toggle feature so that you can completely disable the childcare options from the GroupFinder!

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was causing the social media buttons on a group's GroupFinder page to disappear.

We fixed a bug that was causing metrics for November 11th to not generate correctly.

October 2019 πŸŽƒ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

Group leaders can now update their group's roster right after taking attendance! On the attendance taken confirmation page, they now see a button to update their roster. This takes them to a secure group roster page where they can add or remove people as well as change their roles. This feature is enabled by default, but you can always turn it off. Just go to the Add-ons > Attendance > Settings window and toggle it off there. 

To help save time when adding new members, we've removed the relationship status requirement on the Add New Person form.

We've added an export option on the All People hub that gives you lots of options for which information and filters to include. Simply click the sub menu (three vertical dots) and select "Export People."

We've added a life stage section to group's GroupFinder page to help people find a group that fits best for them and their season of life. 

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was sending Group Health Surveys to no longer active group members.

We fixed a bug so that if attendance is turned on the same day as a group meeting, the attendance for the group will generate so that group leader can take attendance.

September 2019 🏫

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We gave the attendance taken email report a makeover! You can now see a lot more helpful details such as who attended, meeting notes, guests, etc..

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a new prospect to not properly show up on the Prospect Pipeline.

August 2019 β˜€οΈ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

You can now customize the People Status field options! We created a new tab call People in the Settings area.

We made some slight changes to our wording within the software and email notifications to better support non-churches. We felt these changes were so minor and would have minimal impact on most churches. E..g, we changed Ministry Attributes to just Attributes.

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed an issue with the quick deep links to the GroupFinder not working for the Group Model dropdown.

F1 - When editing a group in GV, if the group's F1 group type becomes disconnected, you can select a new one and we'll only show the actively connected F1 group types.

If an archived person filled out the form to join a group, they now become active.

We fixed an issue where if you set your groups to go inactive on a certain date, they weren't actually being set to inactive.

July 2019 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We improved things behind the scenes. Specifically, we now do a better job tracking errors that happen, so we can more easily identify and fix issues as they come up.

We added the group leader's email as the "reply-to" for the attendance taken email notification. This makes is super easy for you to reply directly to the leader with any specific questions or comments about their group meeting.

You can now send a mass email message based upon the group model. 

F1 - When updating a person in GV, we only update F1 with the updated fields, rather than just updating F1 with all the person's information. 

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

When deleting a campus, it now properly reassociates people with the new campus you select.

F1 - We're once again properly pulling over a group's meeting location set in F1.

June 2019 πŸ–

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We now show the group's Address 2 meeting location field and the leader's cell # on the confirmation email sent to new group members.

We made some improvements behind the scenes to our development workflow to increase the quality πŸ‘

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We made some fixes in how groups show up if they were closed and the closed group feature is then disabled.

Fixed an issue where if you set the hide exact location for groups on the GroupFinder, it then removes this same setting for each individual group, since it was set globally to hidden.

May 2019

πŸš€  Enhancements

We made a lot of backend system enhancements and upgrades to improve performance.

🐜 Bug Fixes

If a group leader unsubscribes from attendance emails, they'll no longer receive them.

Fixed an issue where if you were trying to send a mass email to prospects in the contacted stage, it wasn't showing any email recipients.

Fixed an issue with the health survey results page showing responses outside of the selected time period if you kept scrolling down.  

April 2019

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

if the group is closed and they have a meeting time, then we now show that meeting time on the GroupFinder list view.

We made the custom group name case-sensitive in the email notifications that go out to new group members.

We adjusted the time of day attendance reminders go out. It's now 5am CT that day after, rather than 9pm the day of. This will better account for night owl groups that meet after 9pm.

🐜Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

Fixed an issue with the group members people export showing all the values in the wrong column on the spreadsheet.

If a group leader with a really long name has a coach, it now fully shows their name on their coach's profile page.

If you have the "closed groups" feature enabled AND you have a full group (and they are marked closed), then if you decide to disable the "closed groups" feature, then any group that was full now remains closed.

March 2019 πŸ€

πŸš€ You can reply to an attendance taken notification email and your reply will go to the person who took attendance for the group.

πŸš€ You can now send out a mass email via Messages to groups or leaders based upon a specific "group model" they are under.

πŸš€ You can now see the personal attendance chart for apprentice leaders on their profile.

🐜Fixed an issue where merged records didn't correctly merge the notification settings.

🐜 When a full group becomes open again, the group's sign up form on the GroupGinder will be re-enabled if it was previously enabled before it became full.

🐜 If your church account settings has Closed Groups turned off, then you'll no longer see the irrelevant "Open" on/off toggle setting when editing a group's profile.

🐜Attendance reminders are now going back out around 5am CT.

🐜 When exporting members via the groups page, we now included the "address 2" field/column.

February 2019 ❀️

πŸš€ You can now re-add a campus that you previously deleted.

πŸš€ We added more GroupFinder statuses for this search filter when viewing all of your groups. Now, you can see which groups currently have their GroupFinder signup form manually turned off or turned off because the group is closed.

πŸš€When viewing all of your groups and you use the attendance search filter, it now updates all of your metrics at the top to reflect the filtered groups. Now, you can get accurate counts to questions like: how many groups meet last week? how many didn't meet? how many haven't filled out attendance yet?

πŸš€ We improved the export on the page that lists all group members. It now includes their last attendance date and we separated out each group and role they are in to make sorting/filtering easier for you. Thanks, Jesse B. for the suggestions!

πŸš€When sending an email to a group, you'll now see which people won't get the email because they've unsubscribed.

πŸš€We added "Group Campus" as segment option when sending any type of mass email. We then re-labled the existing Campus search filter to say Person's Campus, so it's more clear.

🐜Prospects weren't showing up when viewing all people, now they do.

🐜We stopped syncing a group's longitude and latitude meeting location with F1, because we generate our own and in doing so, we'll have less conflicts with mapping the group on the GroupFinder.

🐜When you make an inactive or archived group active again, we remove the previous end date.. so that the group doesn't go inactive or archived the following day.

🐜 We got rid of the ability for someone to unsubscribe from the account invite emails.

🐜We had some attendance notification issues earlier this month. Once we fixed the issue, we updated our notification system so that we now log whenever an attendance reminder gets sent and it's status. Also, every few hours our system checks the status of all attendance notifications and if some haven't been sent successfully, it will re-try. This will help improve the reliability of our attendance notifications.

🐜We found a few email notifications around a group's attendance average stopped sending, so we fixed that. Thanks Ryan P for the heads up!

🐜 We fixed an issue where some staff members were getting duplicate emails. We also stopped sending the note taken on a group email when a group takes attendance and includes a note, because it was redundant.

🐜 We found that for campus staff, they were able to see people who were just group members of the campus the staff is assigned to. Now, we only will allow campus-specific staff to see people in leadership from the same campus, as well as groups.

🐜 F1 - The group's meeting schedule stopped properly updating in F1, so we fixed that.

🐜 Some prospects showed they were pending acceptance but they were already accepted. It was because they were a previous prospect for another group and they weren't accepted into it. We updated this so that it only shows the acceptance status for the current group they are a prospect of.

🐜 F1 - We fixed a bug that was causing new groups created in F1 to not pull over all the members and leaders.

January 2019 ❄️

πŸš€ New Unique Members Metric
You can now see the "Total Members" and "Unique Members" you have in your groups at the top of the page on your Members list.

πŸš€πŸš« People to Closed Groups
You can no longer  add  people to a closed group. Doing so kinda defeats the purpose of labeling the group as closed... right?

πŸš€ See Inactive People When Adding to Group
When searching to add someone to a group, you'll now see if they have the inactive status under their name.

πŸš€ New Prospect Follow-up Notification Toggle
We added a new notification toggle so you can turn on/off the prospect follow-up notification emails.

πŸš€ See the GroupFinder Status in Group Export
When you export a group via your  groups  list page, we'll now include their GroupFinder status in the export.

🐜If you make all of your groups active at once, we no longer automatically set an inactive date for inactive groups that had a date set to become active.

🐜F1 - We disconnected the sync for a group's meeting location longitude and latitude. We still sync the address, but we use Google Maps to determine the longitude/latitude now.

🐜Fixed an issue where sometimes the placement preferences on the general sign up form weren't being saved properly.

🐜For groups that meeting online, we no longer show a zip code or city name for their meeting location. Since, um, they meet online and not in a zip code or city.

🐜You can no longer set the group's next meeting date to a date that's before the group's start date. We're not sure why you would anyway, but some people did it πŸ€·β™‚οΈ

🐜F1 - New families added in F1 now correctly get associated with each other in GroupVitals. 

🐜The search filter drop-down labeled "People Status" in the All People list now correctly pre-checks all the statuses we show you by default. FYI - we don't show archived or deceased people. 

🐜If you toggle off the group roster updated notification, it actually stops sending you those emails. Hooray!

🐜If you want to add a new campus and you're using the same name of a campus you had previously added and then deleted, we'll let ya! 

December 2018 πŸŽ„

πŸš€Staff can now only send out mass emails to people and groups that are associated with the campus(es) that the staff member is assigned to.

🐜F1 - If the connection between F1 and GroupVitals expires (sometimes F1 does that), the notice that is shown to you doesn't appear if you end up disabling the F1 add-on.

🐜The people counts at the top of each column in the prospect pipeline no longer shows 0.

🐜We now properly pull over the address 2 field for a person from F1.

🐜The initial F1 <> GV sync notification now correctly shows you how many groups and people we synced when you do it for the first time.

🐜The group's campus, start date, end date and address 2 field now correctly sync with F1 once again.

November 2018 πŸ¦ƒ

πŸš€ Enable/Disable Group-Level Attendance
You can now disable attendance for specific groups if you don't want/need them to take attendance each time they meet. You'll find this new setting toggle on the group's profile under the Edit tab as well as the Attendance tab.

πŸš€ Last Attendance Status Filter
See which groups last met, didn't meet or haven't taken attendance yet. Click on "Groups" in the top nav to view your groups. The pull up the search filters by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the search box. You'll see a new search filter labeled "Last Attendance Status." This is helpful to know which groups are and aren't taking attendance as well as if you need a weekly report of all the groups that have met.

πŸš€ Improved Notification Settings
In the footer of every email that is sent by GroupVitals now includes a link to immediately opt-out of that specific type of email, as well as a new link to change their notification settings. The notification settings now do not require someone to be logged in and it also allows anyone with an email on the database to control their notification preferences, regardless of their group participation. 

🐜We fixed some issues where a group wouldn't show up on the GroupFinder map sometimes.

🐜The login experience is now much faster for large churches.

🐜We fixed an issue where some leaders were getting an attendance text reminder even though they had this setting off.

🐜We fixed an issue the new group member added email notification was sent to staff, even though they had this setting off.

🐜If someone has the apprentice leader level role and are a former group leader, then the group leader tab on their personal profile is now shown as active.

🐜If you add a middle name via the person's Edit tab or via the edit option on a group profile, it now correctly pushes that middle name to F1.

🐜The nightly sync with F1 is now back to it's normal speed. Currently, it takes about 5 hours to sync all the churches.

October 2018 πŸŽƒ

πŸš€ Member Attendance Metrics
You can now see each group members attendance metrics right on their card in their group's profile.

πŸš€ Member Health Survey Score
You can now see someone's health survey score right on their group card in their personal profile and on their card in their group's profile. You can click on their health score and a pop-up will show you the details of their health survey (no more having to only view this in the health survey results area!). This metric and information can only be seen account admins and staff and not by the group leaders. The role of senior coach and coach can see this only for people within their span of care.

πŸš€ GroupVitals Is Faster!
We moved everything over Google's Cloud Platform, which will allow us to expand our resources without any limitations.

πŸš€ Children in All People List
We now include children when you go to People > All People. If you want to see just adults (and the metrics at the top of the page to be for adults), then use the new search filter and select head of household and spouse from the Family Rolse filter. 

πŸš€ Family Role Seach Filter
On the All People list, there's a new filter to see people with a specific family role (head of household, spouse & child)

πŸš€ Staff Who Are Coaches Can Edit
If someone has a staff view role and they are a coach, they'll now be able to edit any group or person within their span of care and also take notes.

πŸš€ Upgraded Maps
We upgraded our maps technology for the GroupFinder and for a group's internal profile.

πŸš€ Guests are Engaged People
On the All People list, if you select to see engaged people, we now include guests.

🐜When view your list of leaders, the filter to show only those without a coach is now working correctly.

🐜You can no longer set the current date as the end date for a group. Doing so in the past resulted in nothing happening. If you want a group to end, go ahead and set it to inactive or archive it.

🐜For some churches with multiple campuses, the Avg People in Active Groups dashboard metric is now accurate for campus pastors who select a different time period than the default one. 

🐜Some staff members will now no longer receive multiple notifications for the same person when they're removed from a group.

🐜On mobile, you can now properly see the specific message you sent under Messages > Sent.

🐜If a staff member is set to receive health survey notification emails and that staff member is removed, then we'll assign an account admin to automatically receive those email notifications. This way, someone is at least getting them!

🐜The Need Help? button on the GroupFinder was blocking some users from using all the search filters on mobile. We shorted the text of that button label so that the button is smaller and that fixed the problem! 

September 2018 🏫

πŸš€ You can now disable the signup form for a group's GroupFinder profile and show a custom message instead. This can be changed in the group's profile under the edit tab. Phase 2 of this will be able to globally toggle on/off the signup form for all groups listed on the GroupFinder.

πŸš€ When you send an email to a group via their profile, you now have the option to send it as a CC or BCC.

πŸš€ You can now set a start date for a group to a date in the past. This is great for churches who have recently started using GroupVitals and want to keep accurate information about groups that started before switching to GroupVitals.

πŸš€ We made the GroupFinder group type limitation an on/off toggle. So if you'd like to limit which group types are on the GroupFinder, you can toggle it to on, then select which group types you'd like to only be shown on the GroupFinder.

πŸš€ On the prospect pipeline, if you click on the gear icon near the top-right and choose export prospects, it now includes which group the person is a prospect for. (Thanks Shelby M. for the suggestion!)

🐜 Some leaders who had a coach assigned to them were showing up on the leader's list when you checked to only show leaders who have no coaches.

🐜 (F1) When adding a new person to a group on the roster check, that person will now have the same F1 person status as someone who was added to a group via attendance. The specific F1 person status for the roster check can be changed in your GV F1 settings.

🐜 If you limited the GroupFinder to only show specific group types, we now properly show the group's GroupFinder status on their profile's left sidebar.

🐜 We made the sort order on the attendance form alphabetical by the last name and then alphabetically by the first name for people who have the same last name.

🐜 The new next meeting date field had some bugs this month as we rolled it out. In some cases, it was empty for some churches and caused attendance not to generate. In other cases it didn't properly update the date to reflect the group's next meeting date, so attendance wasn't generated.

🐜 Campus staff that has a personal campus that's different than the campuses assigned to them in the team settings will now be able to see and create groups within any campus they have access to in the team settings.

🐜 If you searched for open groups within your internal group list, some full (and thus closed) groups were showing up.

🐜 If someone is both an apprentice leader and group leader, the tab label on their personal profile for this role will always be group leader (or whatever alias you've created for this role). Inside that tab will be all groups the person is a leader and apprentice for.

🐜 On your all notifications page, if you checked the box to indicate you read the notification, it will no longer remove that notification. It was showing an animation to remove it, but upon page refresh, it would re-appear. We'll continue to show all notifications on this page, checked or unchecked.

August 2018 β˜€οΈ

πŸš€You can now add someone's "nickname" and "middle name" to their profile. 

πŸš€(F1) We now sync someone's "nickname/goes by name", "middle name" and "former name" with FellowshipOne. We'll be using these to improve our matching to help prevent duplicates from when people sign up for a group.

πŸš€When someone fills out the group signup / contact form on their public GroupFinder profile, their form comments will be saved in the "notes" tab for them in the prospects pipeline.

πŸš€If a group's meeting location is set to "on campus" we now show that on their public GroupFinder profile. It will also show the name of the location. e.g, On Campus: Room 1B

πŸš€There's a new field in a group's profile edit tab. It's under the Meeting Info section and it's called: Next meeting date. This will be pre-filled with the next logical date the group meets based upon it's meeting time setup. However, you can now override this at any time. This is helpful for cases when a group wants is set to inactive and will become active again. Now, you can set the next meeting date, which will generate attendance for that date.

πŸš€If a group's active status is off (with no date set to turn active back ON) and you set the next meeting date to a future date, then once that future date arrives, the group will automatically become active again and the attendance is generated.

πŸš€When sending out an email in the messages area, you now have a new segment called "Group Tags" that will allow you to email people who are associated with a specific group tag. e.g., email all group leaders of groups with the Fall "2018" group tag πŸ™Œ

πŸš€The group "apprentice leader" role will now receive the GroupFinder new sign up email notification for their group.

πŸš€When a group's meeting time info is changed, that's now shown on the group's timeline.

πŸš€You can now send emails with a .eps attachment, to send a map location/directions.

πŸš€You can now send out a mass group roster check! Head over to your groups list page and click on the sub-nav near the top-right. You'll see a new drop-down option to send out the mass roster check. You can send it to all groups, or use the search filters to narrow down to certain types of groups to send it to. We'll even show you which groups won't receive the roster check because there isn't a leader or a leader with an email on file.

πŸš€You can now see / filter groups based upon their GroupFinder status. There's a new search filter on your groups list page to select the GroupFinder status. Now, you can see groups that are not showing up on the GroupFinder or are hiding their exact location, etc..

🐜Some leaders who had an account were being listed when the search filter "pending account creation" was selected on the leaders list page.

🐜The default date selected in the date selection field on the dashboard is now properly showing "Last 30 Days" instead of "Today"

🐜Fixed an issue where some group "hosts" it was showing them being a a host for 2 or more groups but on their profile, they were just a host for 1 group.

🐜Fixed an issue where some prospects couldn't be dragged to the connected stage if they were already part of another group.

🐜The meeting time is no longer required in order to save changes to a group's info.

🐜We fixed an issue on mobile where the confirmation message to remove someone from a group was partially hidden by the cancel and submit button.

🐜If a group's start date is set to a future date and a prospect fills out the GroupFinder contact form for that group, then when a leader accepts the prospect into the group, the prospect was being immediately added to the Needs Follow-up stage. That doesn't happen anymore πŸ‘

🐜The order of people listed on an attendance report is now alphabetical for people who share the same last name.

🐜(F1) Fixed an issue where guests weren't properly receiving the guest status in GV due to how we handle them with our nightly sync in F1.

July 2018 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

🐜Leaders who think they are from the future can no longer select a future date on the attendance form calendar πŸ•°

🐜Some leaders who were receiving attendance emails are now starting to receive them again. We had a bug with the "require attendance" setting being toggled off that was preventing a small % of leaders from getting the attendance email.

πŸš€When a group leader goes to their personal profile, they can now see and email their coach within GroupVitals. Under their leader tab (or your custom leader role name), they'll see their coach. Below the coach's name is an email icon. Clicking on that will pull up a window for them to send an email to their coach. The contents of the email isn't stored anywhere, FYI πŸ‘€

πŸš€Mass leader account invites is here! With one click, you can invite all of your leaders to create an account. Just head over to your leader's list page and click the new sub-menu icon at the top-right near the sort-by button and select the send mass invite from the dropdown menu.  Read more about how to do that here.

🐜Leaders who are spouses and at once time shared an email, but now don't, will now properly show their account status in the leader search and their person profile.

πŸš€You can now control which group types you'd like to appear on the public GroupFinder search filter at the top. You can change this via the GroupFinder settings in the add-ons area. This is perfect for any "sensitive" groups. Perhaps you have some recovery groups or kids groups that you just don't want the public to see.

🐜A group will now remain archived if they were manually archived before the end date was reached and if it was set so that the group is made inactive on the end date. This was a really random and rare bug found by a really random and rare user, and we're so glad they found it πŸ˜‰

🐜Some admins/staff are now no longer receiving duplicate emails for attendance drop notifications. Now they can finally reach inbox zero without having to go through a bunch of emails from us πŸ‘

June 2018 πŸ–

πŸš€To prevent email threading and quick scanning in your inbox, the group's name is now in the subject line for all attendance taken notification emails.

🐜(F1) We fixed an issue where some people who were added to a group as a leader, they were showing up in F1 as a member.

🐜The phone number for a new group member will now properly show up in the group leader's new member notification email when a staff member manually adds someone to a group.

🐜If you set someone's DOB to empty, it will now properly save that empty value.

🐜If you turn off/disable certain "group models" in your account settings, the GroupFinder will now show those group models in the search filters. 

May 2018

🐜 If a prospect gets accepted into group as a member and then a staff member drags the prospect to the didn’t join, then the prospect will now properly be removed from the group.

🐜(F1) If you add a new person via People > Add Person OR add via a group's profile AND you add a child(ren), that child(ren) is/are now properly sent over to F1.

🐜 If someone is a group leader, host or apprentice leader AND they have a coach AND then you change their leadership role from one to another (like host to leader), then the coach that was assigned to them will now properly stay with the leader in that new role.

April 2018

πŸš€On the member list page, if you export your members you'll now see the date their record was created and the date they were added to the group.

🐜If you have the setting toggle to ON for leaders to not be able to edit someone's profile, we closed a loop hole where a leader could still edit the person's profile on the group's profile, under previous members, if you click on the drop-down menu > Edit profile link appeared and allowed the leader to edit their info.

🐜 (F1) If someone fills out the group signup form (and need help? form) on the GroupFinder as a new person, their email and phone are added to GV and are now properly pushed over to F1.

March 2018

πŸš€ (F1) Each time information is updated in GV and is supposed to be updated in F1, that info is now sent to a queue system. Sometimes F1 doesn't accept the info from us the first time, so our new queue system will automatically retry sending that info to F1 up to 3 times. We also store a log of all the information that's in the queue in case we ever need to access it and manually send info over that never made it.

🐜If something goes haywire on the attendance submission form, we've now added a check so that it won't submit the attendance more than once. Sorry for the few folks who got 50+ attendance notification emails from a single group. 

🐜If you're a staff member assigned to a specific campus, and your on a group's profile to add a person to their group, the search for people is now no longer limited to just people who are in that staff's campus.

🐜If the admin moves a prospect into the contacted stage AND makes a note at the same time, then that prospect will no longer show up in a random group.

February 2018

🐜(F1) If you clone a group, all the group members will now properly show up in the new group on F1.

πŸš€We removed the guests role as a filter on the page that lists group members and instead have moved them over to the all people list. This will avoid confusion as guests are not considered group members.

🐜If someone has a period "." in their name, they'll now be properly searchable. Now. Isn't. That. Cool.?

πŸš€The "reply-to" in the attendance reminder emails is now set to the email set in the church settings.

January 2018

πŸš€When searching for a group by name and you're using search filters, the results will now only search within your current filtered results 😊

πŸš€You can now make all of your inactive groups active with a single click πŸ†

🐜If someone turns off attendance text reminders, they will no receive the second attendance reminder text.

🐜(F1) A group's meeting end time now properly updates F1 when changed in GV.

🐜(F1) People and groups are now properly syncing over to F1. Click here for more details.

🐜Fixed an issue that wast preventing attendance settings from saving for some churches.

🐜The "New Signups" window list now more accurately reflects the exact # of people that's show in the metric.

December 2017

🐜Admins and staff will no longer receive the attendance change notification email for a group if it's attendance hasn't changed since the last one you received.

πŸš€The metrics shown on a group's card now default to the current day, so you can see the freshest metrics.

🐜Churches with more than 50K+ records in F1 now more reliably have all of their people added to GV during the first time sync.

November 2017

🐜Fixed an issue where sending a mass email Message would sometimes get stuck for some users.

🐜F1 family ID's are now assigned to new people records when they are added as a guest to attendance or as an account team member.

October 2017

πŸš€You can now easily see a snapshot of someone's personal attendance near the bottom of their profile page. Each role a person has will show a separate attendance timeline πŸ’― 

πŸš€ You'll now find the attendance setting in your add-ons area. This will allow us to more easily roll out new features specifically for churches with attendance turned on πŸ‘Š

🐜We fixed a bug that caused group admins and apprentice leaders to be pushed to F1 as leaders of a group instead of members.

🐜We fixed a bug that causes some groups and people to not update their information in F1 when updated within GroupVitals.

πŸš€Your coaches can now receive the following email notifications:

- the 2nd attendance reminder is sent to a community group - - the 3rd attendance reminder is sent to a community group - - the attendance is marked "did not meet" consecutive times for a community group.

πŸš€  If a leader leaves a comment on their group attendance, you can now easily reply back via the button below their note.

πŸš€ If you have group "hosts" then you can now see them listed on the group card on your internal list of groups.

🐜 We fixed the broken link to view a group's profile in the notification for when a group's attendance rate has dropped.

🐜We fixed a bug the prevented coaches from receiving an email with the note taken on attendance for groups within their span of care.

πŸš€We've updated our map with fresh icons and also replaced the empty circles that represent groups that want to hide their exact location with the same new group icons. For security, users cannot zoom-in enough to tell which address the group is at. The group address is still hidden on their public profile page.

πŸš€We gave GroupVitals a fresh, yet subtle, face lift across the entire product to bring it into 2017 and beyond. You'll notice that it's more mobile friendly, has brighter colors, flatter elements, more spacing, fresh icons and more. 

πŸš€Coaches are now listed as a recipient of emails sent to a group within their span of care. They are always listed first and identified as the coach and can be removed from the email by the person sending it.

πŸš€Coaches now have several more notifications about groups in people within their span of care. They can now toggle ON:

- when attendance has been taken for a group - - when a group is set to active/inactive - - when a group is set to full - - when a group ends - - when a group is archived - - when a guest is added/removed - - when a prospect is assigned/removed - - when a member added/removed - - when a group admin is added/removed - - when an apprentice leader is added/removed - - when a leader is added/removed from a group - - when a leader created their GroupVitals account

πŸš€You can now send an email message to all groups that have the open or closed status. Just select the group status segment dropdown to get started.

πŸš€You can now toggle ON/OFF the automatic notification email that gets sent to people who are added into a group as a new member in the GroupFinder settings area.

September 2017

πŸš€On your leader's list page, you now have a search filter that will let you see all of your leaders without a coach.

πŸš€All attendance text message reminders will not include the link to take attendance in the first message. In other words, it will no longer ask if their group met and require them to respond with a yes or no.

πŸš€You can now add the list of group models and life stages as a search filter option in the GroupFinder all via the GroupFinder settings area.

πŸš€The email a person receives when they are placed into a group has been updated to include the group's start date and meeting time.

August 2017

πŸš€On the GroupFinder page, if you have the Need Help? form enabled, then you now have the option to have people either fill out the default short form or if they click on the Need Help, they can be taken to your general group signup form (if enabled). This will help you gather more information from prospects if you need it.

πŸš€On the groups list page, you can now filter by open, closed and full groups. You'll find this under the filter dropdown labeled "group options." 

πŸš€The email that gets sent to prospects who fill out the contact form for a group on the GroupFinder has been modified so that the words "join" or "joining" no longer appear, which keeps the intent of their signup more neutral for all churches. 

πŸš€On the group signup page on the GroupFinder, we've added the text "Please submit for one person at a time." to the top of the signup form to help prevent couples from filling out the form for two people at one time. 

πŸš€People who have the "host" role can now toggle on text message alerts for group attendance and their group's GroupFinder form submission. 8/23/17

πŸš€On the main groups page search filters, we added "%" to the attendance slider to make it more clear it filters by attendance percentage. We also updated the Active filter label to Active Rate, so that it's more clear as well. 

πŸš€For the automatically email that gets sent to GroupFinder prospects, the reply-to email is now the staff member who's responsible for prospects. 

πŸš€The GroupFinder map now zooms in a little bit more to help churches who had lots of circles overlapping each other. The circles represent groups that have chosen to hide their exact location. 

 You'll now see all the tags associated with a person on the left sidebar of their profile. 

July 2017

πŸš€When you set an end date for a group, you now have the option to choose if you'd like the group to automatically be made inactive or archived when it ends.

 πŸœWe worked on a lot of small behind the scenes bugs to make it a better experience for you.

June 2017

πŸš€  We cleaned up the group's profile page by moving all action links/buttons to the top-right sub-menu drop-down.

πŸš€When you search for a group by name on your groups list page, it will now include archived groups in the search results. 

πŸš€  Group leaders and group admins can now download their groups roster via the top-right menu button on their group's profile page. 

πŸš€On the groups list page, you'll now only see active and inactive groups by default and those statuses are pre-checked under the group status drop-down in the search filters.