Features & Enhancements

Beyond general improvements, here's a list of specific updates we've made that we thought would be most relevant for customers to know about  πŸ‘

February 2023 ❀️

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We've added guests to the list of recipients who receive group text messages! So long as their phone number is associated with their profile :)

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that popped up that was preventing people from being added to groups. Yikes! 

January 2023 πŸŽ‡

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added an end time field to groups that meet on specific days!

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug where the "thank you" page was not popping up for people once the leader signup form had been completed.

December 2022 πŸŽ„

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was not sending out an automated email to leaders/coaches/senior coaches/staff/admin when a group member's role within a group had been updated.

November 2022 πŸ¦ƒ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added two new columns to the Groups Hub table for even more detailed tracking information! The new columns are Life Stage and Group Topic. 

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed an averaging bug that was causing the metrics for attendance data to be conflicting on the main dashboard and the groups page.

October 2022 πŸŽƒ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We made even more tweaks and updates to the CCB integration, including better support for merging records + catching duplicates, etc!

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug with prospects being denied in CCB's system.

We fixed a bug that was causing emails to be sent out multiple times. 

September 2022 🍁

Happy fall, y'all! No bug fixes or enhancements this month. We've been busy working on upcoming features.

August 2022 🏫

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug with duplicate emails being sent out.

We fixed a bug that was causing people with leadership roles toggled off to appear as having leader roles in exported data.

We fixed a bug so that archived or inactive groups data appears on attendance exports during the time frame the groups were active.

July 2022 πŸŽ‡

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We ironed out more kinks and added more features with the Community Church Builder integration to get it running even smoother and more efficient!

June 2022 β˜€οΈ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We launched custom form fields! πŸŽ‰  A custom field is a great way to track unique information about people and small groups that GroupVitals doesn't track by default. For people, you can track specific information (area of town, nickname favorite candy, etc). For groups, you can track things like (demographics, neighborhood/area of town, etc). 

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a couple bugs with our Community Church Builder integration to decrease loading time. 

May 2022 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was preventing the Group Leader Signup form from functioning correctly. 

April 2022 β˜”οΈ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We lowered our character limit to 3 to accommodate for groups with shorter names/initials.

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was affecting spouses with linked emails.

March 2022 ☘️

No March madness here! No system-wide enhancements or bug fixes to report. Just some general improvements.

February 2022 πŸ’•

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added a page break option to the group and group leader signup forms for the description fields - finally! πŸ™Œ

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was causing closed groups to remain on the GroupFinder.

We fixed a bug that was causing people who opted in to text messaging to still be 'pending

January 2022 ❄️

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

New year, new look! We hope you're loving the more modern and updated design in GroupVitals:)

We added an email notification for senior coaches to be alerted when there's a roster change for a group within their span of care.

For multi-campus organizations, we added campus-specific contact information to the bottom of the email someone receives when they sign up for a group.

We added a "total unique group members" metric to the Dashboard!

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a couple bugs text messages so that messages are now sent during optimal times of day and opt-in texts correctly activate text messages for leaders and group members.

We fixed bug that wasn't saving changes to updates made to the Group Leader signup form.

We fixed a bug that was causing the group's page to freeze when a leader was added to a group when the max number of leaders had already been met. 

We fixed a bug that wasn't showing a message shown to spouses with linked accounts on both of their timelines. 

December 2021 πŸŽ„

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug with groups showing up in incorrect locations on the GroupFinder.

November 2021 πŸ¦ƒ

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug with the Prospect Pipeline that was not automatically moving Prospects to Needs Follow-Up after their first group meeting. 

We fixed some issues with time zones on the GroupFinder and Group profile pages to make it easier to navigate. 

October 2021 πŸŽƒ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added an optional setting to block Leader level roles from adding/editing member's personal information.

We added an email check into the GroupFinder so that our system can better catch duplicates before they're created!

We added a place to input Group Topics, to show which topic or study the group is currently doing.

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was causing the modal backdrop to be stuck on the grey backdrop after editing a group members profile.

September 2021 🍁

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added a list view option to the Groups Hub!

For spouses that share email addresses, if the same email needs to be sent to both of them, two emails will now be sent (instead of one) and will show up on both of their timelines. 

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was preventing users from running people export reports.

We fixed a bug that was causing leadership roles to appear on email recipients lists multiple times. 

August 2021 🏫

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added a grey attendance dot to a person's timeline to indicate that their group didn't meet on that date!

We added an export option to the main dashboard for unique meeting attendees, that includes their personal information.

We added the option to give senior coaches and coaches more permission options (creating groups, assigning and un-assigning leaders from their span of care, edit profiles, etc). These options show up by going to settings > leadership and clicking the settings gear next to those roles. 

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug where attendance emails were not sent out for groups on August 8th.

We fixed a bug where blank notes were being left on a group's Notes tab.

July 2021 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added a feature so that you can easily send email through GroupVitals from your mobile device!

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug where ex-ing out of the create a prospect window would cause one to be created, but not appear in the pipeline.

June 2021 β˜€οΈ

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was preventing one or both leaders with a linked email address from logging in.

We fixed a bug with the Group Leader signup form that wasn't clearing a leader out of the pipeline after they had been approved for leading a group.

We fixed another bug with the leader signup form where it was auto-enabling itself.

May 2021 🌸

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We add the ability to sort resources in the Resources tab! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that wasn't clearing out group's that were no longer in a Senior Coach's span of care from their profile.

We fixed a bug where email addresses for group prospects coming from Group Finder were hyperlinked to [email protected] (the world's best boss!)

We fixed a bug that was preventing some groups from appearing in F1-run reports.

We fixed a bug with the clone/copy a group feature that was preventing new groups from being created.

April 2021 β˜”οΈ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added a feature so that you can easily see a leader's coach and senior coach that are within their span of care.

We added the option to email open-ended responses at the end of the attendance email, so that leaders can encourage members with the feedback!

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug so that when a person's leader role is toggled on, it will automatically activate leader status if they are already a member of a group.

We fixed a bug with the staff view role that was limiting access to the dashboard and ability to run exports for people and groups.

We fixed a bug that wasn't fully clearing out the connection between coaches and leaders when a leader was no longer within a coach's span of care.

March 2021 ☘️

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

We added lots of new permission options that can be toggled on for the coach and senior coach roles! Just head to Settings > Leadership and you'll see a new cog icon to access all the settings for each leadership role. When toggled to "on," Coaches and Senior Coaches can now:

  • Self-assign leader roles to themselves that are under their span of care
  • Create groups for leaders within their span of care
  • Edit profiles, leadership roles, and personal attributes for leaders under their span of care

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We worked out a few kinks with the new Group Leader signup form, including resolving a bug that was not allowing the form to be submitted using a Safari browser.

We resolved a bug with the GroupFinder map view where international groups were appearing in the U.S.

On March 10th, our security certificate had a (brief!) lapse for a few hours overnight. This affected a variety of issues from attendance reminder emails, scheduled messages, etc. We were able to resolve the issue quickly and re-send out any emails or other notifications that were affected.  

February 2021 β€οΈ

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

New feature alert! πŸš¨We've added a Group Leader signup form to make it easier and more efficient for people within your organization sign up to lead a group, and to have a place in GroupVitals where you can track those signups! You can test it out now by going to your Add-Ons and enabling the Leader Sign Up Form. Once it's enabled, you can go to People > Leader Sign Ups to give it a whirl πŸ‘

We added a modal to the dashboard metrics for "Members that Attended" and "Groups that Met" to list people and export option - something that's been requested a lot!

We made a few big timezone updates! If you have groups meeting in different timezones, you can now set the timezone individually for each group. We also updated our system so that the default timezone that is set for your GroupVitals account will be reflected in group start and end times.

CCB - We now set the Main Group Leader role by default to the first leader added to a group. Without doing this, CCB won't accept the new group into their platform.

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug so that if a person re-enters the Prospect Pipeline, they are assigned to the current person responsible, and not defaulted to anyone previously assigned to them.

We fixed a bug where spouses sharing an email and with both of their leader roles toggled on weren't able to access their individual accounts.

We fixed a bug where previous group members were appearing on attendance reports for new group meetings. 

We fixed a bug that was showing up to 10 life stages for a group. You can now add as many as you'd like!

We fixed a bug with the general group signup form where it was creating prospects but not adding them to the pipeline.  

January 2021 ❄️

πŸš€  Enhancements πŸ‘‡

Continued work on our Church Community Builder integration.

🐜 Bug Fixes πŸ‘‡

We fixed a bug that was causing groups without a street name/number to show up in confusing places on the map view of the GroupFinder. We now only show groups with a full address on the map view!

We fixed a bug with the Prospect pipeline that was changing a person's status after they had been on the waitlist for a certain period of time. Now, we won't remove a prospect from the waiting list unless they are set to come off the waiting list after certain number of days. 

We fixed a bug with the Group Health Survey that was showing "Test Group" instead of the group name on the survey follow-up questions. 

We fixed a bug where unanswered questions on the group signup form were being auto-filled. 

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