Getting Started: Overview (Read This First)

To give GroupVitals the best chance possible at helping you manage your groups, get more people connected to a group and track your effectiveness as a leader, there are 12 steps for you to take to get fully up and running. Each of the 12 are laid out below with a link to a more detailed page.

If anything, we always suggest going through all 12 steps, but at least try it with a couple of your best group leaders to have them try it and give their feedback. You'll most likely find that your leaders enjoy using GroupVitals more because it's easier to use and they have more control over their group (that means less work for you).

  1. Adjust your personal settings
  2. Setup your group leadership structure
  3. Customize your group settings
  4. Invite staff members
  5. Learn how to get people connected to a group:
  6. Add all of your groups
  7. Add all of your people into GroupVitals
  8. Make people leaders and assign to a group
  9. Add group members to groups or ask your leaders to do it
  10. Assign all of your coaches to your leaders and senior coaches to coaches
    (if relevant and we always suggest to at least assign a staff member to be a coach to oversee a leader within their span of care.)
  11. Understand how group attendance works
  12. Onboard your leaders (casting vision and inviting them)

Once you have at least a handful of groups setup, with those leaders actively using GroupVitals, then within a few weeks, you'll being to see the real benefit of using GroupVitals. If you start using the general signup form or the GroupFinder together with the Prospect Pipeline, then those benefits will skyrocket. We suggest that you give GroupVitals your best effort for at least 3 months.

Lastly, here's a video walkthrough on how to get started:

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